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Health & Fitness

The main reason people start an exercise routine is simply for better health.

Performance & Appearance

Advancing beyond a basic level of health and fitness, many people have more specific goals regarding sports performance or physical appearance.

Rehabilitation & Prevention

As medical costs rise research continues to prove the importance of exercise in preventing disease and rehabilitation is vital for a successful recovery from injury and physical trauma.



What clients say

“Pat makes sure my workouts match the energy level and capability I bring through the door each day taking osteoarthritis, knee rehabilitation, and other body ‘dings’ into account. His clear explanations, attention to proper form, and good humor help me get the most out of each session.”

Norva 74 Female

“I started exercising for the first time at 48, and have been training with Pat for 6 years. He listens and is willing to tailor workouts to fit my needs. His attention to form allows me to push myself, while avoiding injuries. Aside from being stronger and looking more toned, I have more energy. Pat is sincere in his desire to help his clients reach their personal goals.”

Barbara 54 Female

“Pat knows the most efficient way to get results and is focused on seeing his clients improve.”

Randy 54 Male

“Before Pat my workouts were becoming routine and boring, I was basically going through the motions at the gym. I eventually stopped training altogether. Pat keeps the workouts fun and unpredictable. His positive attitude makes for a great motivator, he pushes you to your limits, but listens to your concerns. I am also impressed with his scientific knowledge of the body. He not only puts a great workout together, but also educates you on the muscles you are targeting and why you use that particular method. I have a lot more confidence in the gym and would recommend Pat to everyone.”

Paris 38 Female