Online Training & Consulting

Infinite Personal Training & Consulting is available anywhere online or on the phone.  Many people are uncomfortable or unable to meet at a training facility but are still able to benefit from the experience, expertise, and service provided by IPT.

  • Individualized and targeted to your needs, NOT a group class.
  • Train in the privacy of your own space.
  • Detailed discussion, demonstration, and analysis of form & technique.
  • Consulting on workout programming, nutritional advice, and practical suggestions.
  • Sport and skill specific training for all ages.
  • Video platforms include Zoom and FaceTime as well as simple phone consultations.


Home Training Gear List

Note: Below is a list of gear that can help get the most out of IPT's Online Training.  IPT will tailor your workout to whatever equipment you have available. 

Yoga pad

Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Resistance Bands

Adjustable Fitness Deck

TRX Suspension Trainer

Wall Ball

Foam Roller

Therapy Bands

Floor Padding