Interesting Comparison

I love Jack in the Box, especially their breakfast sandwiches. Just to tempt me Jack now has the Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit Sandwich on sale 2 for $3. That sounds like a yummy breakfast bargain! So, I use my handy (and free) iphone app “Lose It” to see just how bad this treat would be for my diet. I decided not to have Jack in the Box that day! I ate several items I found on sale at the grocery store instead. This is where the interesting comparison comes in. Here are all the items I ate that morning:

Banana, chocolate milk, single serving pack deli ham, high protein energy bar, tangerine, yogurt, diet coke.

Calories 729

Protein 40.5 g

Fat 16.6 g

Price $ 5.35


Jack’s 2 sandwiches

Calories 1,480

Protein 54 g

Fat 110 g

Price $ 3.00

For someone like me watching the amount of fat and calories in their diet the proper breakfast choice would be obvious. However, for someone who is poor and just trying to get the most calories for their buck, the choice may not be so clear.

Originally posted 4/6/10

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