Stretch Your Hamstrings

The majority of low back pain is directly related to tightness or lack of flexibility in the hamstrings. The Hamstring muscle group comprises the four large muscles in the back of the thigh. The main function of these is pulling the heel toward the butt and to assist in erecting the spine or straightening up from a bent over position. This is our first clue that the hamstings are related to the lower back. These muscles have attachment points that put tension on the pelvic girdle if they are tight or lack flexibility. This tension puts a strain on the spinal erectors located in the lower back.
Some basic guidelines should be followed when it comes to stretching:
– Always warm up your body’s core temperature before stretching by taking a warm shower or going for a 10 min. walk.
– Always breath deeply increasing the stretch on the exhale.
– Never force a stretch beyond a mild discomfort and never bounce.
– Try to devote a few minutes to stretching everyday and be amazed at how much better you feel.